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August 17, 2009

Let Them Eat, frosting!

Today was a day of creativity for me. I spent some of it re-designing my blog for no other reason than it's just fun to experiment with HTML's and templates. I'm happy with the result (facebook friends can see it by clicking on "view original post" at the end of this entry), so perhaps it will stay put for awhile.

Then it was time to make a cake for me the kids. I've been on this cake-making kick since getting hooked on the TV show "Ace of Cakes". I'm going to take classes in September for cake-decorating...mainly because I am so bored with staying home and not honing my creativity in kitchen design anymore. Actually, I'm still not sure which hobby I want to pick up: photography or cake decoration. Photography is kind of out for now because the camera I want is a Nikon DSLR and it sells for upwards of $1k. Cake decoration is cheaper, but then I know I will eventually find my kitchen too small and my oven too inefficient...which will make the camera seem cheap in comparison. I feel for Tom as he will bear the brunt of this vexing issue.

Anyway, I made a traditional white/yellowish cake with chocolate butter frosting. Not too complex, but I focused on technique more than anything. Dare I say it turned out quite nicely..?
The kids enjoyed it too...

August 11, 2009

Facebook and Other Things

I've been staying home with the kiddos for the last 6+ months and it is full of ups and downs. It is HARD to transition from a full-time job to stay-at-home mom. I know, women say that all the time, but it is so true! Not to mention it seriously is the most challenging rewarding job I've ever had. I just wish I got paid for it. Perhaps with all these govt. bailouts, I can petition for "mom's wages" mock but these days it doesn't seem so ridiculous.

So, a few months ago I finally got on the bandwagon and created a Facebook page. It's been awesome reconnecting with old friends who I have lost contact with, especially the best friends who made my childhood so memorable. For that I like FB. BUT, it is a love/hate relationship. Isn't it a bit narcissistic to assume that everyone in your world wants to know what you ate for breakfast? I know, it's not like that. Whatever. Enough about that.

I'm old. My 20-year high school reunion is coming up here in about a month and it's depressing to think about. I honestly don't feel ready to attend a 20-year reunion of anything! I have a one-year-old for crying out loud! Alas, I can't ignore the facts. I am almost forty. I remember my parents turning forty, they had over-the-hill parties and wore black. Definitely not ready for that. Isn't 40 the new 30? I'm telling myself that at any rate...
Anyway, I'm not going to my reunion. I'm realizing that these reunions are more for the ones who enjoyed high school and have maintained the relationships that they had back in the day. I had to move from Colorado to California at the angst-ridden, pubescent age of 13 and never had the confidence to enjoy those following years. I missed my old friends and my old home for much of it and, the minute I graduated, was back in Colorado for college. So, reliving those years is just not where I want to go right now. Now if there were a college reunion...whole different story!

On to my wonderful children...
C is 5(!) and a true boy. He's supposed to start kindergarten this year, but after an evaluation, we have decided to hold him back a year. His maturity level isn't quite there yet so hopefully another year of preschool will help. He's a bright kid, so I have no doubt that at some point he will catch up to his peers. We are excited to take him on his first camping trip to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone later this month.

E turned 1 on June 26 and is such a joy. She is growing like a weed and is almost walking! She has taken 4 steps in a row at various times, but relies on her fast crawling to get around.

Today I took her picture in her very first pigtails!

I am a little nervous for the camping trip where, for the first time, she will be away from her crib for more than a couple of days. Routine is huge at this age, so she may have some adjustment issues.

That's where we are right now. I did a little better this time and only let a few months slip by without updates. Small steps, right?

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