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About Us

Hi, and thanks for stopping by!
I am a stay-at-home Mom to two wonderful kids and a dedicated wife to my husband, Tom, who is a professional Home Inspector.  I made the choice to be a stay-at-home Mom later in life, after a dynamic career in Interior Design (namely kitchen and bath design).  While I do miss the creative aspects of my former career, I am wholly committed to raising the best kids...ever.  Not an easy task, let me tell you.  BUT it so worthwhile and very rewarding.  I love seeing the crazy things my kids do and say, and they are growing into such amazing little people...I am honored to be able to witness this on a daily basis.

Now about the fam...

This is my husband Tom (and me!) who I married in November of 2005.  Tom was in both the Navy (a submariner to boot!) and in the Army National Guard.  He served a year in Iraq prior to our marriage and promptly got out of the military to pursue his home inspection business. 
These are the kids, E (left) and C (right).  
We have opted to keep their names private since this blog is public. :)

C is our oldest and has such a compassionate, tender heart.  We adopted him from Hungary in 2007 when he was 3 years old.  He had been an orphan since 2 weeks of age and, due to a heart defect, considered "undesirable" in Hungary.  We have since had successful heart surgery to repair a 2cm hole between his left and right atriums and are waiting to see how it impacts his dysfunctional pulmonary valve (initially thought to be "Ebsteins Anomaly").  Aside from that, you really would never know about his condition.  He is ever so lively and full of energy, we sometimes revisit his ultrasound images to make sure there is actually something wrong!

 E is our baby girl and is such a joy!  She actually was a surprise to us as we (unknowingly) became pregnant right before traveling to Hungary for the finalization of C's adoption.  We found out soon after returning to the U.S. and it has been a roller coaster ever since.  E is a very resilient child who definitely has a stubborn and defiant side.  She is also very sweet-natured and loves to do anything her big brother does (which means she is, at 2yo, setting the table for dinner and feeding the dog. Score!).  We love the balance she brings to the family and she really makes life fun and challenging at the same time. 
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