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May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Hope everyone took a moment today to thank our troops (past & present) for their sacrifices (and trust me, they ALL sacrifice!).

We had a great family weekend. Tom didn't have any inspections scheduled, so we were able to spend some quality time with the kids. We also bought our first "family tent" in anticipation of our camping trip in two weeks. Playing it safe, we put the tent up in the backyard today to make sure we have no surprises when it comes to the real thing. The kids had a blast pretending they were camping, as shown in the following pics...

The's awesome! :)

C doing some awkward modeling pose...where does he get this stuff?

My girl.  Just love that smile.

 "Such a roomy interior, Mom!"

It's just not camping without a dog...

Hope you had a wonderful long Memorial Day weekend too!

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