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June 17, 2010

June Misc. Stuff

(misc. that redundant?  Oh well)
Hard to believe it's only June 17th...we've done a lot this month! Water-logged camping trip aside, we have had a great time with Grandpa Al this week. Let me share some pictures with you since I now can unabashedly show off my new camera. Although, you'll have to forgive me for the ones that have focus or lighting issues. I'm still learning...

I love these Pics with Grandpa and the kids reading a book...

We also purchased a new addition.  We bought a new (used) playset for the kids.  This was a gift from Grandpa and us in order to get the kids to play outside more because these kids deserve it.

The fun part of assembly
(I forgot to take pics of the wood-strewn-across-the-yard phase)

 The finished product.  This was put together in 1/2 a day...not bad, boys!

Argish was a bit perturbed that we were building this contraption where he typically goes the bathroom, but throwing the ball a bit made it seem not so bad and his attitude got better.

C also had his first t-ball game today.  He did really well, aside from the fact we had to talk about not doing somersaults in the field while he waits for kids to hit the ball.  For those of you not familiar with t-ball makes professional games look like non-stop-adrenaline-pumping action, by comparison.

So, that's our summer so far.  Hope yours is fun and exciting too!

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