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October 9, 2010

Family Hike

Once in awhile Tom has a Saturday off. This day was one of them. We decided to pack up the kids and take in some fall colors of the Rockies. We didn't find much of that (too early or too late?  Can't say...), but we did have a great family hike...
  Aaaah, Colorado!

 Looks kind of like C's resisting strangling E...a subconscious thing?
 Argish LOVES the outdoors

 ...and this is why we love it here in Colorado.
 My favorite photo of the day. :)

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  1. GREAT photos Tami!!! It truly looks like you guys had a wonderful day on the trail. Did you bring a picnic lunch? The kids faces say it all... they had a GREAT time! Love U all! Al


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