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February 16, 2011

:: Valentine fun

For Valentine's Day this year Tom and I exchanged (more like shared) a gift that I just had to mention on my blog (could be used for next year's inspiration!).  At Dayspring they have a Mr. & Mrs. Love Collection set that works as a great Valentine's Day gift.

Tom and I had talked about journaling little notes/messages to each other at one time but never followed through.  This neat gift set has a his and hers journal for just that purpose, so we had to get it!  The idea is to write notes of love, gratitude, even frustrations in it so that during busy days we can still find a way to communicate with each other.  Hopefully we can make good use of this as I think it will add a nice dimension to our marriage...and improve communication!
 We each have our own side.  Cool huh? 
There was also a coupon book and two mugs in the set...
The mugs have a cute heart in the bottom and a verse on the inside lip:

Today I also had fun photographing E, just messing around the house in her new "princess" skirt.
 and just when you think about how angelic she looks,
 she pulls a "Gene Simmons":
The many faces of a 2 year old.  Lovely.

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