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March 24, 2011

:: Spring Break

We are having some fun this week!  C is off from school and it's been quite nice having him around (I say that now, but will probably be eating those words come July).  In an effort to not be too bored, we planned some activities that ensure long naps and restful nights. :)
On Tuesday we went to a local rec center where they have an indoor pool with a pirate's ship (photo taken from website because, well, water and cameras just don't work well together).

They also have a fun waterslide for the older crowd... 
C loved it and did amazingly well considering it's been over a year since he had swim lessons (note: this is another photo from website, and is not C but some random kid).

On Wednesday we stuck to dry land and went to the Littleton Historical Museum, which is an awesome *free* place to go if you want to wear out children.  I actually love going there myself as they really preserved the essence of a 19th century working farm.  They even have what they call "interpreters" who are essentially people who dress in period clothing and "work" on the farm.  These folks teach their trade(s) to the kids and I know C's favorite is always the blacksmith who shapes metal right in front of them.  E loved the farm animals, and they had 7 baby lambs that we all ooh'd and aah'd over:
There was also a donkey who we think was pregnant.  Either that or she was severely out of shape.  E loved her though!
Here's some other fun pictures of the kids with their friends...

The End.

p.s. Tomorrow we take the kids to the pirate exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Both kids are pretty excited (yes, even E!).

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  1. The kids are getting so BIG! Thanks for the pics... Love you all! D


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