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April 21, 2011

:: Spring is in the Air!

Not only is it a gorgeous sunny day here, but signs of spring are popping up everywhere...and one of the places is the small evergreen tree in front of our house. For about a week now I've been noticing some small birds hanging out in and around the tree, dodging in and out of it's thick branches.  On a whim this morning I thought I'd see if there was a nest in there and look what I found...

Aren't they cute?  Tom says they are ugly as sin, but then that's Tom for ya.
I try not to bother them too much, but I feel a little like their guardian now.  The mommy bird is tiny (have no idea what species of bird she is...maybe a sparrow?) and the annoyingly large and loud crows seem to be eying the tree.  Am I paranoid?  Do birds eat other birds?  (my biology teacher would be so proud just about now...)
Anyway, it's a neat highlight in the week before Easter.  Oh, and here's *my* baby bird enjoying the spring too:

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