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June 12, 2011

Vacation and fun at the park

We have officially entered the post-vacation-did-it-ever-really-happen phase.  The trip to Riviera Maya was, in a word, Uh-may-zing!  I want to write a blog post about it but honestly there is so much to write about and so many pictures to share.  It actually exhausts me just thinking about it, so it will have to wait.  Plus, I am waiting on friends to add their photos to the virtual pile so that I can pilfer photos from them as well.  As a teaser, here was the view from our beach house. 

wish I was here...right now!
So instead of a vacation post, I thought I'd share about our fun day in the park today.  We met some friends from church for a barbecue and chatted while the kiddos ran a muck.  Incidentally, I actually "lost" E for the first time ever and boy did it get the heart pumping.  Luckily that child has a set of lungs on her and I was able to follow her wails of abandonment and pinpoint her exact location.  Scary.  I hate that feeling.

Anyway, here are some pics of the day.  It was a lot of fun!
 There were some ducks and geese hanging out on the pond so we fed them some stale bread...
 And of course it's just not a summer barbecue without watermelon!

What a great day.

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