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April 21, 2008

C is quite the performer!

Hi all, I've been terrible about keeping everyone updated on C's development here in the U.S., and I hope to get around to a long post soon! In the meantime, please watch a couple of school program videos that should sum up just how well he is doing and adapting to life as a 4 year-old! Enjoy, we sure did! :)

The program was about what they learned each month in preschool. This first video is about the Native Americans, which they studied last November...

This second video is the month of May. The song is about zoo animals (C's voice is the one you hear the most, he always started early with the chorus which was hilarious!)


  1. Flyin' ErinApril 21, 2008

    He's a TOTAL spaz! What a goofball! I love it -- definitely in the genes! :)~

  2. Hi Tami,

    Your video clips were great! He really looks like he is enjoying himself. I'm glad to hear that he is adjusting well.

    We are still waiting for our I-171H so we can wrap up our dossier. Then it's off to Uxbekistan to meet 2 new older boys.

    Nice to hear about Csaba!


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