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July 21, 2010

It is one of those days...

When I woke up at 7:30 this morning to the pitter-patter of E’s feet as she walked down the hall to our room, life was quiet and nice.  You would not have known a moment like that ever existed in the Recke household 2-1/2 hours later.  You see, life really does fall apart when the mommy is gone...

I figured that since Tom was home this morning, I could carve out some “me” time and meet my friend Erika for a nice AM walk, without the kids.  Nice thought.  After a hasty job of dressing and getting out of the house, I realized that I did not confirm where to meet Erika...and that I had left my phone at home.  I went to the usual spot, but she was not there. Meanwhile, she was thinking that I needed to be picked up due to not having a car for two weeks, and was at my house. Eventually, all was sorted out and we were able to walk. And it was nice. But I had to go home. Against my will...and better judgment. Let me set the scene that greeted me from the time I walked in the door at 10:05 to the time Tom was finally able to leave for work at 10:35 (keeping in mind he needed to leave at 10):

Remnants of breakfast: bowls of dry, crusted oatmeal and glasses of remaining orange juice sitting on the counter and the table amongst all the fridge contents with C following after me saying how “E didn’t eat her oatmeal!”

Kitchen refrigerator torn apart with jugs of juice/milk/tea, etc sitting all over the place (we have been dealing with a dysfunctional refrigerator for the past week.  Ever drink sour milk?  I did yesterday and my mouth is still recovering.  Also, when you put jugs of liquid on top of a fridge, make sure you move it back far enough that it doesn’t fall when you open the door and then have sweet tea spill all over the floor.  Not that that happened to us…just sayin’).

Tom (in underwear, mind you) using one of my make-up compact mirrors and a twig to open the louvers of the cold-air vent in the fridge (not sure how the twig came in to play but I think poor Tom was really out of sorts at this point, so he gets a pass).

A dog that usually eats at 7:30 or so pacing around the kitchen waiting for that elusive meal.

C brushing his teeth for what seemed like forever.  We use a small timer to make sure he brushes for 2-1/2 minutes, but apparently E got a hold of it and added on another 5 minutes.  My dear follow-the-rules son has very clean teeth this morning. :)

Oh, and my very favorite: E standing in the kitchen, in the middle of the chaos, trying to shed her poopy diaper despite the hindrance of having shorts on…this was a FULL diaper, by the way, so you can come up with your own visual.  Yes, I know this means she is ready for potty-training…I’m just not!

And, after all of that, Tom just called to say that his clients stood him up. Awesome.


  1. I totally relate!!! Glad to know I'm not the only one.

  2. Tami, you write so well I can actually "see" it all very easily! Hang in there guys! Al


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