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July 26, 2010

More photoshop fun...

with my new online BFF Rita and her CoffeeShop Blog.  I am a *very* novice photographer and am still working out how to manipulate my DSLR.  Every now and then I see amazing photos with beautiful edits and highlights and I wonder, when will I ever be good enough to do that?!  Well, by sheer luck I came across Rita's blog and found the "Actions" application which is essentially the manipulation of existing photos in Photoshop.  I had so much fun playing with it today I just had to post about it.  Here's some of what I experimented with (so far):

Here's the original picture of Argish...

and here's a brighter, softer manipulation of it.

I was going for a "Norman Rockwell" look here...

still missed the mark, but I love the depth and contrast!

The original profile shot of E...

played around and got this which reminds me of my old photos.

Same photo but in B&W with a glow.  Purdy. 

This was taken at the aquarium the other day...which is pretty good...

but adding some "pop" really made a difference.

For fun, here are a couple of E goofing around:

I love my new hobby. :)


  1. Hi Lady! Your pics are GREAT! Thanks for taking them and posting so we can see the kids! Love to you all, Al

  2. Hi Tami, I found your blog on K&A's blog, love your photos and the look of your blog. Thought I would drop by...I just found the CoffeeShop blog yesterday and can't wait to learn more on PSE! I only have a point and shoot, but having PSE helps! Okay, take care! :)


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