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August 18, 2010

1st Day of Kindergarten!

The line to get into school.

C and a friend who he knows from church.  They are in the same class, which may be a blessing or a curse for Mrs. S (their teacher).  Time will tell! ;)

The ever necessary "backpack wall"

Looking quite studious (looks can be deceiving).

A pretty good look at C in his school uniform.  
While I'm not crazy about the cost of them, he does look quite dapper!

E claiming a desk 
(excuse the bed-head, we were lucky to get there on time as it was!)

Not sure what was up with C's "smiles", but I hope he gets it together 
by school photo day!

C dove right in and got to work!

I don't think the little girl next to C will go hungry.  Just a hunch.

The back of the classroom

The front of the classroom.  Take note of C's desk.  In the front.  Next to the teacher's desk.  For good reason. ;)

Here's to the class of 2023 (I don't even want to think of how old I'll be), 
have a a great kindergarten year!!


  1. He looks so handsome! I'm sure he'll do well in school and being next to the teacher won't hurt either... and I'm so proud of you guys for raising such great grandkids! THANKS for the photos. Al

  2. Great pictures and story on Csaba's first school day. Why the red shirt? Does everyone get to choose their color? Emme's hair is sooo long! The both look darling. Can't wait to see them. Thanks for posting this on your blog. Keep up the news, we really enjoy it! Nana and Papa


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