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December 11, 2010

A visit with Santa

Today we took the kids to a Realtor office where Tom has clients for a visit with Santa Claus. We got the kids all dressed up, drove 40 minutes to the office, and hoped for great pictures...this being E's first time seeing Santa and C's second time since 2007. It didn't go quite as expected. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (by the way, these are not the professional shots that will come to us later):
As you can see, E is a bit upset about the whole thing.  I asked her later why she was scared of Santa and she informed me that he looks like a bear.  Okey-dokey.  I do know that all of the hair on this Santa was 100% his own though, so perhaps I see her point.  A little.
C, on the other hand, looks a bit devious and conniving.  Perhaps he feels this is his chance to bypass mom & dad for whatever toy he has his eye on these days.  Not sure but it freaks me out a bit.

This by far is the best picture of the day :
I love the look on Santa's face.  And perhaps this better explains C's devious expressions, as he is clearly keeping it a big secret!
E improved quickly and accepted a candy cane from Santa.  Amazing what candy from a bear can do.


  1. The kids look great! E sure came around with the candy and C looks like he really knows how the game works! Thanks for the pics! D


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