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January 3, 2011

:: Happy 2011!

I can't believe how 2010 flew by. Today I reflected on the past year, and realized that I hope 2011 is better. Not because 2010 was all that bad, but because I see the areas where I want things to improve...and what better excuse to get that ball rolling than a new year?  Here's some random goals:

:: The biggy for me is a milestone birthday. Yes, I'm turning 4-0h! this year (I said it, so perhaps I'm coming to terms with it?!). Some dear friends, who are also turning 4-oh!, and I are planning a *couples-only* retreat to Mexico (or perhaps Belize) this June to mourn celebrate this epic event.  I am totally looking forward to it, but there is the issue of fitting into a bathing suit.  Which brings me to...

:: Getting healthy.  Nothing like the end of a decade to bring perspective to where I've been.  I want to enter my 4-ohs! with a healthier body and hopefully pick up running again.  I had a love-hate relationship with running and, just like any other dysfunctional relationship, I want it back.

:: I want to see C get a best friend.  I realized over Christmas break that he needs a go-to friend who he can do things with on a consistent basis.  I felt so bad for him as he was clearly bored to tears these past couple of weeks.  I know as a kid I looked forward to breaks and spending time with my best friends, so naturally I pray it happens for him soon.

:: Financial Peace.  It's hard to do, but Tom and I are working towards being completely debt-free (house included).  Obviously this will not happen in the span of one new year, but if we can get focused and committed to the end-game, life will be much less stressful.

:: That Tom's business grows exponentially this year.  Seems like a monumental request, but would you believe that even in the recession his business grew 7% last year?  I have faith that no matter what God will provide, I just selfishly want to get out of debt all that much sooner. :)

:: That I can potty-train E SOON!  This has been a hit-or-miss (figuratively and literally) learning curve for both of us and E has since lost all interest in the potty.  I'm hoping to make some headway once C is back in school...which will essentially mean E and me entering 3-4 days of house arrest.  I will emerge victorious (or crazy, whichever comes first)!

On that note, has this ever happened to you?  It's 11pm, you're exhausted and oh-so ready to lay your head on your oh-so soft pillow in your oh-so soft bed.  You peel back the bed covers, crawl in and blissfully lay your head on your oh-so soft HARD, BUMPY pillow...and find a SCARY present left to you by your 2 year old, tucked within the pillow case:
Yeah, that never happened to me either. ;)


  1. Tami,

    I believe you can do all the above (and more!) :0)

    Happy 2011!



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