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May 6, 2011

:: Week in pictures

A few noteworthy things took place this week, so I was busy snapping some pictures...

C's training wheels are off his bike! He hasn't ridden it much lately so when he started riding it again, we decided it's now or never. I have to admit, I'm shocked that he picked it up so quickly!

 Meanwhile E was trying to corral ants with her arms...

It was also teacher appreciation week this week.  So, for something different I decided to make each of C's teachers "ice cream sundae cupcakes".  They were actually really simple and I love how they turned out!
Oh, and remember the bird's nest in our tree?  Well, the parents are now empty-nesters:
Makes me sad to see them go...and a little jealous too. ;)


  1. Tami- The photos sure make it look like C's doing a great job on his bike! Way to go!

    I LOVE what the new look of the blog is! Nicely done :)

  2. The kids are sure doing GREAT!!!


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