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April 30, 2010

R.I.P. "Ollie" the Otter...

A sad thing happened the other day. E's most favorite stuffed animal, Ollie the Otter, died. Our neighbor's dog (who has serious aggressive tendencies towards anything of the "stuffed" variety...most likely due to his not being breast-fed, I'm sure) managed to decapitate poor Ollie while E looked on helplessly. I managed to salvage the body, but well, see for yourself (warning: graphic images are displayed).
Here is a "whole" Ollie with E when we first adopted him from the aquarium:

And here is what is left of him (I roughly artistically drew in where his head once was, since one is basically unrecognizable without a head):

Our wonderful neighbor, Barbara, felt really bad about the situation and gave Ollie the world's first Otter face transplant (buttons for eyes).  It looks bizarre though, so another trip to the aquarium for a new "Ollie" is most likely in order.

By the way, word to the wise, don't ever throw the head of a decapitated favorite stuffed animal in the trash right in front of your child, they kind of go ballistic and are probably scarred for life.  Woops.

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  1. Hi lady! I've read all your comments and know how you feel! Sometimes it seems like the little ones will never grow then before you know it they are! You are doing a GREAT job! The kids are healthy and when they want to be, happy too. Csaba will grow into a nice, smart young man at his pace and I'm sure you'll (we'll) all look back and wonder what all the issues were. Emresen's expressions are normal and she's finding out who she is and how to react to different situations... Hang in there Mom and know we, Tom,Csaba,Emersen, Cande, Me and your family all LOVE you very much! Al


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