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April 23, 2010

She said it best...

 *UPDATE:  I rejoined the land of Facebook, if only so that people are not thinking I "de-friended" them.  I will, however, keep my use of it to a bare minimum...

Since I am no longer facebooking, I find I have time to stalk blogs again. This is important to me because often I am quite simply inspired by what my sisters in Christ are ruminating on, even though I may not know them from Eve.  This lady recently talked about "Designer babies, designer God" where her honesty and forthrightness is refreshing, especially in these times of tolerance and political-correctness (and dare I say, selfishness?!).  Then, in light of yesterday's post, I found this on the (in)courage website, which made me weep.  I'm glad I am not alone.

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